News - Wangfujing

My photograph "News - Wangfujing" is inspired by
Vietnam war reporter Eddie Adams' famous photo of a
Vietcong officer being shot through the head. What
most shocked me in that photo was not death itself but
the executioner's rash and random disposal of life.
The photograph also has broad social implications,
some sort of terror and shudder transmitted through
the deep collapse of humanity, telling us that
absolutely anything could happen in this world,
warning us not to cherish any illusions about life.
In "News - Wangfujing", I deliberately placed the
incident in Wangfujing, a shopping street in Beijing -
the noise and excitement of daily life, a bustling
commercial district, a scene of peace and prosperity.
Unnoticed, a man points a weapon at a young girl,
ready to strike her down. So what happened? Is this a
play? Is it real or fake? When a picture unfolds
before our eyes in this absurd fashion, it just goes
to show how unimportant all these superficial games
are. What is important is what's behind the
"incident"; in today's seemingly peaceful world, the
spirit of humanity is lifeless, flat and superficial
beyond words. The pursuit of profit means people are
still in the throes of war-like sufferings and there
are still innocent lives facing the dangers of war....

我的摄影作品《新闻·王府井》是依据越战时期美国战地记者Eddie Adams最有名的的一张新闻照片《街头枪决》仿拍的。这张照片震动我的不是死亡本身,而是行刑者处置生命的轻率与随意。而且这张新闻照片还具有广泛的社会引申意义,一种从人性深处崩塌传来的恐惧与战栗告诉我们,这个世界没有什么事情不会发生,别在对生命抱任何的幻想。